Beliebte Die Happy Lyrics

Die Happy

Still Love You Lyrics Die Happy

Album VI

Die Happy - Still Love You Songtext

love, hearts, unicorns
battlefield of broken bones
starlit universe
angels fly on procelain swans

roses, diamond rings
honeybees-choir sings
love, hearts, unicorns
what a mess! broken bones

can you see
can you see it too
tell me why did I fall for you?

i've been lost in a desert
since you left me here
will it ever get better?
will you disappear?
i would try to get away
but you're always near
and I still love you

i believes in a promise
too good to be true
i was living in a lie
because of you
now i'm lost in a desert
i don't know wthat to do

love hurts, candle light
endless days and endless nights
poison, flower bed
romeo and juliet
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