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Die Happy

Genuine Venus Lyrics Die Happy

Album VI

Die Happy - Genuine Venus Songtext

She is walking down the street
Oh my god, she is so sweet
Can you really tust your eyes
Milk and honey, milk and honey

She's got those supermodel legs
She'd be the bacon on your eggs
There's nothing you want more, than to
Spend your money, throw your money

Away - Away
She'll stay
As long as you want to pay

She's gorgeous
She's the genuine Venus
Just like a "back to life" Marilyn
And you know you'd do
Anything, anything

You're a star and she is you satelllite
You're the man and she's your shining light
Like a diamond in the sky

She comes to you and says "Hello
Don't I know you from before?
Do you wanna take me home?"
She wants your money,wants your money

Look at her pearl necklace teeth
A warning you don't wanna see
Is she directly from hell?
She wants your money, take your money

Come on - Let's dance
Come on - Angel face
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