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Demis Roussos - V.G.I. Songtext

I'm not a genius I'm more like a genie
Granting girls wishes from a stone cold bikini yeah
Sewing up ideas like delicious kisses
I'll play with you mid but I won't do your dishes boy
Say it again

V.G.I. my philosophy
V.G.I. is I'm a masterpiece
V.G.I. I wear a scrunchie
V.G.I. I'll say it again

I say I say a intellectual genie
I'm making bullshit disappear like a hou-fuckin-dini
Turntables around with my smile bright and gleaming
You think I'll take your order boy
You must be fucking dreamin


Cuz I'm extra special and I'm burning bright
I'm a UFO blazing through your starry night
You try to shoot my down girl cuz you just don't understand
That a woman like me can be master of my plan


I don't wanna say I want to
I don't wanna say I don't
Sometimes the secret is
Sometimes the secret is
yes yes yes yes

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