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Where's The Love (Delegation)


Where is the love we used to know, how did you loose it, where did it go.
We had a love to last all time, nobody's love was stronger than mine.
Where is the love we used to know, where did it go, how did you loose it,
Where did it go, how did you loose it.

What I might gonna do, to stop these tears from falling,
I lay here wake all night and I can hear you callin',
What I might gonna say, my friends ask about you,
I guess I'll just became, I'm better off without you,
I look in the mirror and I see a broken man, it's not a sunny side to see.
I will knock together who's gonna make my pains, It don't make any difference to me, baby.

Where is the love ....

How can I find my way, without your love to guide me,
I stop and close my eyes, and feel you deep inside me,
How can I face the world, when there's no way to find you,
You took your love away and close the door behind you,
What good is tomorrow when nothing track today, I can't stop holdin' on to you.
All I got to merry's that bring back yesterday, when all that I believe in must true, baby

Where is the love ....

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Where is the love ....
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