Daz Dillinger

Still Get'N Money Lyrics Daz Dillinger


Daz Dillinger - Still Get'N Money Songtext

Haha, yeeah,
You know i'm always getting money nigga
Dat Nigga Daz
Haha!, yeah! DPGC

Don't get mad cus i does what i does
i'm a dog pound gangsta and i grew up with same cuzz
cus this, cus that, cus my pockets fat
cus always smoking kush with a big sack
dont trip, cus you broke and im rich
i invest my shit, you just broke cus of that bitch

i live a hot life, nigga in a hard times
its dynamite just like jay-jay and a goodtimes?
speaking of that highway
everybody else missing
im like DJ cali
*yeah they all missing*
yeah, you know cus im smarter than the rest
in couple to your chest plates
screaming like charanade
eyes open, staying focus on that nigga right infront of you
pistolwhip your ass
get a bitch ass a better view
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