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The Next Attack Lyrics David Rovics


David Rovics - The Next Attack Songtext

The next attack is coming
I heard it on the TV
Some important politician said
We've got to drive them into the sea
Round up all the Arabs
Send them back from where they came
Who cares if they are citizens
They're fanatics all the same

The next attack is coming
Said dictators west and east
And New York can not rest
Until all the rebels are deceased
So send along those helicopters
And we will shoot them all
And we'll cut social services
And build a shopping mall

The next attack is coming
Said the CEO
So we need to drill for oil
And build more pipelines, don't you know
If these Arabs do not like it
And we need the military here
The American people will support us
Whether out of greed or fear

The next attack is coming
I heard an Afghan child say
My family was killed
By a plane the other day
And when I grow up
I will get them back
So I say beware, America
Here comes the next attack

The next attack is coming
Said Cheney to his men
And if it doesn't
We can make one happen again
Every war we've ever been in
Was started with a lie
And this war is good business
So today's the day for you to die
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