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The Bicycle Song Lyrics David Rovics


David Rovics - The Bicycle Song Songtext

Everybody's wondering what they're gonna do
Everything's a mess and folks are feeling blue
If your troubles get you down so much you can't abide
Get on that bicycle and ride

Yeah, get on that bicycle and ride
'Neath the sunny skies or along the oceanside
Just ride, ride, ride, ride, ride

They're doing it in Eugene, Havana and Shanghai
Even folks in Boston-town are giving it a try
Throwing out their gastanks, the clean air by their side
Get on that bicycle and ride


It's good for your heart and it's good for your brain
When those fluorescent lights are driving you insane
Your toes'll tingle in your shoes, when to the pedal they're applied
Just get on that bicycle and ride


If you're having troubles with your lovers, the tandem's made for that
You'll work together wonderfully or else you'll just go splat
Gonna shut down Main Street, make the bike paths far and wide
And get on that bicycle and ride

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