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David Rovics - Spencil Hill Songtext

Last night as I lay dreaming
Of pleasant days gone by
Me mind being bent on rambling
To Ireland I did fly
I stepped on board a vision
I followed it with a will
And I shortly came to anchor
On the shores of Spencil Hill

To amuse a passing fancy
I lay down on the ground
Where all my school companions
Quickly gathered round
I thought I heard a murmur
I think I hear it still
It's the little stream of water
That flows down Spencil Hill

I went to see my neighbors
To hear what they would say
The old ones were all dead and gone
The young ones old and gray
I spoke with the tailor, Quigly
He's bold as ever still
Sure, he used to make my britches
When I lived on Spencil Hill

I paid a flying visit
To my first and only love
She's bright as any lily
And gentle as a dove
She threw her arms around me
Saying, "Johnny, I love you still"
She's Mack the ranger's daughter
And the prize of Spencil Hill

I dreamt I stooped and kissed her
As in the days of yore
She said, "Johnny, you're only joking
As many's the time before"
The rooster crowed in the morning
He crowed both loud and shrill
And I awoke in California
Many miles from Spencil Hill
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