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David Rovics - Paul Wolfowitz Songtext

He's done giving orders to generals
He's moved to another sphere
He's through with ordering the tanks to kill
He's gonna do something different this year
He's moving from Virginia to Washington
With the neocons to thank
He's done with the War Department
Now he's gonna run the World Bank

He said he?d be true to the mission
That hunger and want should end
And as all Afghans know he's a man of his word
On that we can depend
So be prepared for prosperity
It's coming to your door
?Cause there will be no poverty
Once we kill off all the poor

Last week he was bombing cities
Now he's a financier
Pay your debts or say goodbye
Paul Wolfowitz is here

He'll bring the world things it needs
Such as nuclear power
Giant dams and hamburgers
No doubt he's the man of the hour
He's proven it over and over
With finesse and aplomb
And for those who disagree
Well then he's got the bomb


He's a real American
So he must know best
He'll lead us all to glory
On that many can attest
He'll lead us to freedom
And we will be so glad
Just like those shoppers in that market
In downtown Baghdad

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