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Outside Agitator Lyrics David Rovics


David Rovics - Outside Agitator Songtext

It was on one summer evening
When I sallied forth
Headed up to Calgary
On the road up north
The leaders of the free world were meeting
To decide the planet's fate
So there were some things I wanted to mention
To this Group of Eight

I went up to the border
And was greeted with a smile
Until they looked my name up
And showed to me my file
The guard said that freedom
Canadians hold dear
But it says right on this paper
That we don't want your kind around here

So I feel I should inform you
In case it's something that you missed
Now it is official
And I'm on the list
If you've ever wondered what they look like
Then let me take a bow
'Cause I'm an outside agitator
You're looking at one now

They said I had no record
Of crimes that they could find
But their data told them
That I might have some in mind
They copied all my papers
Searched all around my truck
Took my picture and informed me
That I was out of luck


Now I'm no Emma Goldman
Or Commandante Che
But someone up in Ottawa
Said I should be turned away
So it leaves me wondering
What have I done wrong
Perhaps it is a crime
I committed in a song

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