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Operation Iraqi Liberation Lyrics David Rovics


David Rovics - Operation Iraqi Liberation Songtext

We've got a situation and it calls for a solution
That upholds our domination of the planet
We're gonna make our case and we're gonna make it well
But if you don't like our logic you can can it
We'll use impeccable intelligence from any country in the world
As long as we all see eye to eye
And if we don't find quite what we need we know what to do
Just look into the camera and lie

?Cause it's Operation Iraqi Liberation
Tell me, what does that spell
Operation Iraqi Liberation
O ? I ? L

And we'll lie about the missiles and the nuclear research
We'll lie about uranium
We'll build military bases and smile for reporters
As we give away bubble gum
And we'll lie about bin Laden and his connections with the Saudis
And we'll lie about 9-1-1
And we'll lie about the Baathists and their connections to Al Qaeda
Because we know there's none


And we'll lie about the North Koreans and we'll lie about Iran
And don't mention Israel
Keep those nuclear weapons out of this song
And it will all hold together swell
And now we'll liberate these people, we'll liberate their money
We'll liberate their soil
We'll liberate their airports, we'll liberate their harbors
And we'll liberate their oil
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