David Rovics

More Gardens Song Lyrics David Rovics

David Rovics - More Gardens Song Songtext

This neighborhood is blighted
That's what the people say
Half the buildings are abandoned
And everything is grey
Half the kids have asthma
'Cause of the sewage plants nearby
And the mayor doesn't seem to care
If we live or die

That's the situation
Now let me take you to the part
The center of this neighborhood
What you could call the heart
A vacant lot of broken glass
For years that's what it's been
But the neighbors got together
Said this is where we will begin

We'll dig this dirt
Plant a seed
Push aside the concrete
So the earth beneath is freed
We will plant a garden
Grow some food to eat
And the sunflowers looking to the sky
Say we relclaim this street

In one day we had accomplished
What the mayor always said
He was trying to bring us
Through his clubs upon our heads
The neighborhood is clean
The dealers gone away
We had good food to eat
A place for the kids to play


Twice the city came here
Said this is not our land
Twice the cops destroyed it
All the work of our own hands
Uprooted plants and broken tools
Lay scattered all around
But the next day the only thing you could see
Was fingers in the ground

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