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Ballad of a Cluster Bomb Lyrics David Rovics


David Rovics - Ballad of a Cluster Bomb Songtext

I was born
Between factory walls
And I was conceived
Amongst the ivory halls
And in this world
I knew my role
I went to work
With a single goal

I traveled the earth
To far-off lands
From the Asian jungles
To the African sands
I flew in planes
Of camouflage green
Before I settled
Upon this scene

Like a shooting star
I came to rest
And this farmer's field
Is where I nest
Just watching the seasons
Come and go
Watching the long grass
Grow and grow

Years go by
And I lay here still
For my purpose is clear
For me to fulfill
The sun was out
It was the middle of May
When the farmer's three children
Came out to play

They ventured near
I lay in wait
One unknowing step
Sealed their fate
One thousand shards
Of plastic rose
From where I lay
And through their clothes

Into their bodies
The shrapnel sank
Here in this field
By a river bank
The blood poured down
Shone in the sun
And one cluster bomblet's
Job was done
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