David Gray

It's All over Lyrics David Gray

David Gray - It's All over Songtext

In the bitter violet night
the stars wear sour grins
in the vastness of the black sky
I'm cradled in your arms
unbridled by alarm
'cos I know the end is nigh

It's all over bar the shoutin'
one things for sure
its all over now
its all over now

Confusion wonders in
strides the evening like a king
chaos and turmoil prevail
bedlam reigns, hope is drowned
ah but strangly we settle down
resigned to the sinking ship on which we sail


Our love's just smithereens
too much beer in my head
another night is getting late
and I don't know where to go
there's just this long white road
and I can't think straight
No I can't think straight

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