Danger Danger

Walk It Like Ya Talk It Lyrics Danger Danger


Danger Danger - Walk It Like Ya Talk It Songtext

I think it finally hit me
I've really had enough
Watchin' all you pretty boys actin' so damn tough
You got a tattoo for your courage
And a boom box for a brain
How'd you get so stupid
Did it come a la carte with your fame
You're so sincere with that innocent grin
'Til I turn my back then you re stickin' it in
You talk so tough, you never back it up

Walk! Talk!
Walk it like ya talk it
Walk! Talk!
You gotta be a man
Walk! Talk!
Walk it like ya talk it

Your talk is getting' cheaper
But I guess you never heard
They say a man's got nothin' if he hasn't got his word
You got your act down perfect
Synchronized your plan
You could sell the Brooklyn Bridge to any woman, child or man
You re so cool but you got no regrets
Piss in the wind and you're gonna get wet
You wanna push your luck, stop to me


You could spread your vicious rumors
Drag me thru the mud
But I'll come out smellin' just like roses
Like Noah in the flood
No I ain't nobody's whippin' boy
So don't you tread on me
Go find the rock you crawled out from under
Just let me be
I've had just about enough of your lip
Let me introduce your face to my fist
You wanna mess around, this time you're goin' down... sucker!?
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