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Danger Danger - Live It up Songtext

Well I was born on the wrong side of town
My momma said "Son, don't let it bring ya down"
You gotta do whatcha can with the stuff that ya got
You gotta push, push, push, 'til you get your shot

You work hard from 9 to 5
Tax mna leaves ya just enuff to survive
So when you feel like you're under the gun
That's when it's time to start havin? some fun

Come on, Come on
You gotta Live It Up
Come on, Come on
You gotta Live It Up

When the world starts bringin? ya down
And you're in so deep you think you'll never get out
You gotta ste back, take a look at yourself
You ain't gonna find it in a wishing well

You play hard, you play to win
Sooner or later, you gotta give in
?Cause you don't get nothin? for free
But here's a little lesson you can take from me



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