Danger Danger

Goin' All the Way Lyrics Danger Danger


Danger Danger - Goin' All the Way Songtext

I don't know what it is bur you drive my wild
Could be the way you laugh
Or your crooked smile
You got some kind hold on me and it feels so good
I never felt this way
I never thought I could
We got something they don't understand
So hold on tight, baby take my hand
'Cos we're going all the way
And there ain't no turning back
Goin' all the way
And no one's changing that
I love the way you love the way you turn me on
Just like Bill Withers sang
Ain't no sunshine when you're gone
Me and you got a dream for two and it's post time at the track
I'm bettin' it all on us
And I'm never lookin' back
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