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Captain Bring Me Down Lyrics Danger Danger


Danger Danger - Captain Bring Me Down Songtext

Captain bring me down

Hello Captain bring me down
I see you've worked your way right through the crowd to me
I couldn't help but see you fall
You were the one that had it all
And now you've come to pay your debts
So we forgive and you forget
The more you live the more you learn
Ain't it funny how the tables turned on you

Hello Captain bring me down
Put your feet back on the ground
Hello Captain bring me down

When we were young you were so cool
And all the kids they thought that you were the one to be
But playgroun dheroes never fall
They just drown their youth in alcohol and watch it slowly fade away
Live to drink another day
You can't make right the things you've wronged
Your glory days have come and gone away


You wanna leave it all behind you
But you just won't let it go
Oh no
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