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Commuter Man Lyrics D.R.I.


D.R.I. - Commuter Man Songtext

I play Pac Man and watch TV
I'm so happy 'cause it pleases me
I couldn't really ask for anything else
maybe my own chain of Taco Bells

I'm perfectly happy right where I am
I could live forever in a traffic jam
it doesn't really bother me to breath the poison air
I'd choke anyway, I don't really care

sometimes I think about getting away for a while
but when I return will I be out of style
you may say I'm not an ambitious man
but let me tell you I've got some plans
like there's a new car I want to buy
and a video cassette recorder yet I'm not sure why
I want to get married and have three kids
'cause I'm lonely and I've got the hard dick.
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