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Blockhead Lyrics D.R.I.


D.R.I. - Blockhead Songtext

you work all day to earn your pay
to pay off all your debts
you rent your square to live in
and that's the best it gets
cubical man does what he can
to keep himself alive
pays his share for his little square
in order to survive
locked in a race, the money chase
the system's fooling you
the more you make the more they take
and there's nothing you can do


run your ass to get your check
stand in a crowded line
pay your bills and buy the pills
that help you to unwind


you buy a chair for your little square
so you can sit and hide
but you're all alone you fucked up clone
'cause no one's on your side

the game of fools has it's rules
so don't you fall behind
they'll take your square 'cause they don't care
they've got their home - free ride.
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