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Come Together (Tribute to John Lennon) Lyrics Craig David


Craig David - Come Together (Tribute to John Lennon) Songtext

Got a little summit to say baby,
Yeah yeah,check well

He come on flat top
He come, groovin up slowly
He got joo-joo eye ball
He won holy roller
He got, hair down to his knees
Got to be a joker, he just do what he please

Mmmmmm baby, Igot a little summit to say yeah, yeah come on
You know what, well, huh

He went no shoeshine
He got toejam football
He got monkey finger, he shoot
Coca cola, he say
I know you and you know me,
One thing I can tell you is you gotta be free

Now come together,yeah, right now, ohhh baby, all the mean
You gotta come together
You gotta come together baby, oh yeah yeah
Well check,

He back production
He got, wore a scumgroup
He got, on the sidewalk,
He want spinal cracker
He got, feet down below his knees
Holds you in his arms yeah you can feel in his heat

Now come together, oh yeah, right now, oh baby over me.
Ooooh slow it down, slow it down yeah,well YO

Yo, im kicking this flow this way your way
Now when I say turn up the mic, just turn up on the whole PA
And I know that its real hard to try and say goodbye,
When it feels like yesterday,
Doesn't mean that we cant cry, No,
Mean that we walk on by, No
The difference is some gonna let it out,
Some dont wanna let it show
Aint gonna play it on VCR's
We know the heros are the real superstars
And its funny to think that with this voice
And with the sound of the guitar,
Just to bring the people from within 6 feet apart,
And I know that it aint easy
To look forward in this time of tragedy
But lets hope one day we'll all be free,
Come together be one big family, so come on what
I said come on, I said come on baby, ohhhh yeah

He rollercoaster, he got early warning
He got muddy waters he want motor filler
He say, one in one and one is three
Got to be good looking coz he's so hard to see

Now come together, ohh right now, oh baby over me
Yeha, ya know what, lets tell

We aint, goin'no where,
We aint, goin' no where,
Let's all come together and bring peace in our lives
We aint,what, goin no where,
We aint, goin no where,
Lets all come together and bring peace in our lives
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