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Donkey Serenade

There's a song in the air. But the fair señorita
doesn't seem to care for the song in the air.

So I'll sing to the mule. If you're sure
she won't think that I am just a fool serenading a mule.

Amigo mio does she not have a dainty bray
She listens carefully to each little tune you play.

La bella Señorita? Si, si, mi muchachito,
She'd love to sing it too, if only she knew the way.

But try as she may, in her voice there's a flow
and all that the lady can say is: "E-aw!"

Señorita donkeysita, not so fleet as a mosquito,
but so sweet like my Chiquita. You're the one for me!

But try as she may in her voice there's a flaw
And all that the lady can say...
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