Code Red

Don't Go There Lyrics Code Red


Code Red - Don't Go There Songtext

If you're looking for lovin'
Then here's what you're looking for
Complete understanding
Is all I can give you and what's more
Baby, without a doubt I'm all played out
Need a different route cos
It takes two to get this started
If you're not sure then don't go there
This ain't no casual affair
Girl if you're not mine, don't waste my time
Don't go there
Need someone who's gonna care for me 100% and more
Someone who is prepared to be
Ready and willing just for us
Baby, I've had my hsare of love affairs,
Won't you tell me
If you don't feel the same way too
Then don't go there
It's taken me time to find this out
That nothin' good comes from messin' around
I've found all I want
You're all that I need
Oh yeah
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