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Save me
take me away to the moonlight
the people around me don't feel right
what are we doing here.
Come on and save me let's get away from the action
you are the only attraction
take me away from here.

The party's on and one by one
the cars arrive and the people come
and I wonder if there will be anybody here alone.
another boring guy tries to catch my eye
should I smile or should I sigh
then you walked through the door and I saw
that you were all on your own.

Save me
take me away to the moonlight

We supped away without a single word
no one saw and no one heard
'cos we both agreed that I just wasn't worth it to stay
I went cold and hot should I go or not
you grabbed my hand and I couldn't stop

and I laughed and you smiled as we left and drove away.

Save me
take me away to the moonlight

Starlit sky moon on high
sure feels good to me
in my bones I've always known
this is how it's meant to be -

Save me
take me away to the moonlight
this was just another night
but now you hold me tight
and everything's alright
tonight is our night.
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