Banba Album

Na Laethe Bhi Übersetzung Clannad

Album Banba

Clannad - Na Laethe Bhi deutsche Übersetzung

Your protection and your friendship
Were always desired,
and my heart's great love
Stories and songs
Old as the mountains
Strong and brave with age.

Goodbye to the days that were, turning so lightheartedly
Goodbye to the days that were
Goodbye to the night
Turning on the first hour
Goodbye to the days that were.

At the sight of the sea
and the sun on the seashore
and the great love of my heart
were stories and Balar (?)
in three Mici Gorra (?)
Ancient islands like a vision (or dream)

I had a sweetheart
From summer up to winter
My dearest love.
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