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Medusa Album

Louise Lyrics Clan Of Xymox

Album Medusa

Clan Of Xymox - Louise Songtext

It Seemed A Long Time Ago
I'll Always Remember That Day

I Crawled On My Knees
Begging You To Stay
You Made Me Shiver Louise
You Made Me Quiver

Now I Do The Strangest Things
I Think Such Lonely Thoughts
Forgetting All
Just Forgetting You
Anything At All
Not To Think Of You
Anything At All
Don't Deny It Is Not True
I Feel I Am Getting Weaker
A Life Blue On Gloomy Waves
I Feel I Am Diving Deeper
Into The Darkest Caves
There's Nothing At All
To Find A Way

Louise Louise Louise
My Heart Used To Beat
Now It Only Weeps
Louise Louise Louise
Uncared The City Sleeps
I Am Twisted In The Streets

I Am Shivering
Into The Strangest Things
Lonely Thoughts And Forgetting You Louise
And You Promised Me
You Told Me
You Told Me Empty Lies
Louise Louise Louise
( My Only Cord Is Not To Adore , I Have To Say, It Is My Only Way )
Louise Leave Me , Leave Me
No Longer Interfere
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