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Medusa Album

Back Door Lyrics Clan Of Xymox

Album Medusa

Clan Of Xymox - Back Door Songtext

I Am Shrouded In Darkness
I Crouched In Wasted Years
I Lingered, I Can't Get Trough
Dazzled Between Far And Near
Like The Elegies Relate To Days Beyond Recall
I Lingered In Many Memories

And Again I Stumbled Through The Back Door
Seeing You , A Misty Shadow
I Feel My Repression
I Can't Go On
And Again I Am Falling Backwards
Tomorrow I Will Be Here Again
A Silent Mute Of A Black Desire
Tomorrow I Will Be Here Again
Tomorrow I'l Be Here Again
Be Here Again
Be Here Again

I Am Tired Of Tears And Laughter
Or What May Come Hereafter
I Am Weary Of Days And Hours
Desires, Dreams And Powers
Although It Makes Me Weep
It Is You
I Wanna Keep
I Wanna Keep
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