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Cinderella Effect Album

Noiselessly Lyrics Cinderella Effect


Cinderella Effect - Noiselessly Songtext

First snow in december,
first snow in Berlin
First time I'm going under,
first time I dive too deep
You make me still breathing
First time I'm believing
Being with you has opened my eyes
I taste your lips on my lips,

The prints on the first snow
and prints on my soul,
so deep and dark inside of me
I feel you and I breathe deep
Falling down on me, cover my soul
Love me, hold me closer

I'm still dreaming, I'm still breathing
I'm still dreaming on your side
I'm still burning, I'm still shivering
I'm still burning on your side
Im still dreaming, I'm still dreaming
I'm still dreaming, I'm still dreaming
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