Celine Dion

I Know What Love Is Lyrics Celine Dion


Celine Dion - I Know What Love Is Songtext

I was forgotten
Until you called my name
Lost in the Shadows
Until you shined your light my way
Now I believe again
in all my dreams again
I'm wide eyed and innocent
those doubting days are so far away
and oh

I will fall,
and you will catch me always
Time has taught me this(ohoh)
I will fly,
and you'll be there to guide me
straight up to my hearts highest wish
I feel you close to me
and I know what love is

Now,theres no mountain
too high for me to climb
No oceans so wide,that I could not reach the other side
Now I believe in me,cause you live and breathe in me
Nothing can come between,
we are one star
no night can darken (Ohoh)


It's an unspoken thing
a quiet opening
There are no words that go that deep
but I know
I know


(what love is...)
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