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Catherine Zeta-jones - I Can't Do It Alone Songtext

And now ladies and gentleman
Miss Velma Kelly in an act of desperation

My sister and I had an act that couldn't flop.
My sister and I were headed straight for the top.
My sister and I earned a though a week at least,
Oh yeah!
But my sister is now unfortunately deceased.
I know it's sad, of course,
But a fact is still a fact!
And now all that remains,
Is the remains, of a perfect-double-act!

Watch this!
Now you have to imagine it with two people-
It's well with two people!

First I'd...
Then she'd...
Then we'd...
But I can't do it alone!

Then she'd...
Then I'd...
Then we'd...
But I can't do it alone!

She'd say: "What's your sister like?"
I'd say: "Men!"
She'd say: "You're the cat's meow"
Then we'd wow the crowd again!

When she'd go...
I'd go...
We'd go...
Then those ding-dong-daddies started a roar,
Whistled, stomped, stamped on the floor,
Yelling, screaming, begging for more!
And we'd say: "ok, fellas, keep your socks up-
'Cause you aint seen NOTHING yet!"
But I simply cannot do it alone!

So what do you think, huh? Come on, you can say!


I know, you're right,
The first part's shit.
But the second part?
The second part is really nifty!

She'd go...
I'd go...
We'd go...
And then those two-bit Johnnys did it up brown,
To cheer the best attraction in town,
they nearly tore the balcony down!
And we'd say: "Ok, boys, we're going home!
But before we go,
There is a few more parting shots!"
And this, this we did in perfect UNISSON!

Now, ya see me going through it!
You may think there's nothing to it!
But I simply cannot di it alone!
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