Last Summer Lyrics Busted

Busted - Last Summer Songtext

When I saw you girl
all alone,
it made me stare,
you held me captivated
and you're wondering, cross the street,
it sucked me in,
I couldn't stay away from you


Last summer (ooho)
you cast a spell you put me under(ooho)
There's something about the way you look,
it's taking me over,
and now I know I wont forget,
when we met last summer

Now a year has passed
and things have changed,
you're popular,
and it makes me feel degraded,
and it hurts me so, I talk to you,
you don't wanna know,
now all I ever think about is


Last summer,
I know I must forget last summer,
I'm never gunna forget,
when we met last summer
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