Busted - Fake Songtext

I can't believe what my girlfriend did today
She screamed so loudly and than she turned away
Why did she cut me down to size
She left me wondering 'Can I do it right'

What am I gonna do now the game's up
Can't get her off that's kinda rough
She better not tell my mates today
So baby tell me now do I need to measure
Cause I'm feeling under pressure
I'm just hoping that the fear will go away
Don't wanna be a fake

I woke up in a sweat felt a disgrace
She looked so beautiful love on her face
Feeling stupid all on my own
Put it down to experience cause now I've grown


Don't wanna be a fake it's quite uncanny
Cause my favourite film is 'When Harry met Sally'
But now we're finished there's no way
that we're ever gonna be ok
Don't wanna be a fake how low can I go
You might find me reading Cosmo
But when I'm finished you know that you
gonna wanna be with me
be with me
be with me

Gotta girl on my sofa getting undressed
I'm feeling stressed

What am I gonna do my game is up
I've got the goods is that enough
There's almost nothing left to say
So wish me luck not gonna run
The final countdown has begun
Not gonna see or hear them laughing in my face

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