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Busta Rhymes

Make It Clap (Remix) Lyrics Busta Rhymes


Busta Rhymes - Make It Clap (Remix) Songtext

[Sean Paul]
Just make it clap
Just make it clap

This is the remix.. remix time..

Oh yes I know you want this 99
Back with the remix with Sean Paul in the corner...

[Sean Paul]
Just make it clap [x2]

[Spliff Star]
I'm blinding, i'm not whining, yes you whining...



Unbelievable, I be scratching the door
Just give me the word, to all my shorties that be shakin' they curves... JUST MAKE IT CLAP
You know you be wanting this all the time, bag a couple bitches, bring em' inside.. YUP that's
my motto, take it Spliff!

[Sliff Star]
You know I love it when you holla my name so it's only right that I holla, girl I love that
body, that ass and that product you know you be wantin this..
[busta in backround] Slip more baby!
Yeah baby... c'mon c'mon.

[Chorus x2]

[Sean Paul]
Can I be your shelter, your boyfriend and protector.. oh yeah busta and me be pumpin' up the
party yahhhh... just make it clap..

[Chorus Until End]
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