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I Think About You Lyrics Bryan Adams


Bryan Adams - I Think About You Songtext

I oughta be workin' but I can't concentrate
I oughta be sleepin''steada stayin' up late
When I oughta be doing all the things I should do
I think about you

I oughta be writin' but I can't find the song
Just sittin' here driftin' - driftin' along
There's only one thing that I wanna do
And that's think about you

I think about you - I can't get no rest
I think about you - there ain't no one else
It's all I can do - I can't help myself
Ya I think about you

I could go crusin' but I've had enough
I could go drinkin' but I can't stand the stuff
It just don't do me like it used ta do
I'd rather think about you
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