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Don't Leave Me Lonely Lyrics Bryan Adams


Bryan Adams - Don't Leave Me Lonely Songtext

I won't stand bein' broken hearted
I won't be pushed around
The rules were set when we got started
But lately I have found
We've spent too little time and too much heartache
I feel we're losin' ground
And lately I've been hearin'
You won't be needin' me around
Don't leave me lonely
Just wanna be right by your side
Your one and only - tonite
So don't leave me lonely
I need you here all the time
So don't leave me lonely - oh no
You say you need your independence
Well I need mine
Separate lives and separate feelings
I guess that's fine
But that won't last - it's no solution
I know it can't survive
And lately I've been thinkin'
Thinkin' 'bout you all the time
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