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Black Pearl Lyrics Bryan Adams


Bryan Adams - Black Pearl Songtext

Deep down in mississippi
i found a sweet delta blue
she weaved a little southern spell on me
made a little voodoo
she was born the bright side of midnight
when her mama was seventeen
she was hot blooded-god fearin-gospel girl
the finest I ever seen

She's black coffee a little bin o cream
sweet brown sugar-my midnight dream
black pearl-my kinda girl
just the kind of thing to rock my world
black pearl-my kinda girl

met her in a dixie diner
put on the southern hospitality
i can still smell her sweet molasses
running all over
we startet rolli nlike a river
like a twister tearin through the town
tongue tied.satisfied-n'southern fried
as she drove this ol dixie down

Yeah she's alright-yeah she's ok
makin love all night.she really made my way
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