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Bro'Sis - Wiggle It Songtext

when you hear this beat on the radio
in you car when its bangin on your stereo
turn it up like this here we go
make it peak till the speakers about
to blow you
roll down the window so the bounce will reach
from the hills to the street
down to the beach
to the ladies who stare at us
make the guys them envy us
coz we raising dust, come on
raise that dust

pump dem brakes
wiggle it
if you got what it takes
wiggle it
come on don't stoppa
wiggle it
shake a shake proppa
wiggle it
wiggle it all the girls in the front
wiggle it show the guys what they want
wiggle it wiggle it

oh so now we flippin second gear
put it up throw your hands up in the air
check out the pretty girls everywhere
wanna pump them brakes up, up in here
so now you know how we do
we did this shit just for you
so tell your friends we're comin thru
so get on up and join the crew
and slide slide let it ride
girls on the cerb get inside
when your this bigga be amplified
come on dont stoppa
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