Endorsement Lyrics BoySetsFire


BoySetsFire - Endorsement Songtext

I make my own, I no longer revolve around your resentment
I can smell the hatred behind your tearing sneer
I am no longer threatened by this judgement throne
Lies dead stagnant chains
Helpless one more day, forgetting one last day
I could really care less about your lame confinement
My ego's not worth saving when true change is not met
I can't understand and I feel this rage is spreading on
Tread on me like you have before
My body is torn but my soul is unbowed
Your laughter fuels a will to move inside of me that I've never felt
Digging, grabbing ground, your faces all drowned out
I can't understand but I can't stop forward moving
I won't be pulled down anymore
This is all I have no matter what scorn
Ears sliced off by complacency do their bodies no toward their dreams
You tried your best to take me down and then explained
"That's what friends are for."
You ruled me out.
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