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Bowling For Soup - Why Don't I Miss You Songtext

Remember back at Rider High
Wishing on stars in the texas sky
i got your name tattoed
across my heart how could we lose?
back in black when we were hand in hand
two young kids like jack and diane
falling at the speed if light
and burning up never felt so right

so why don't I miss you
tell me what am I supposed to do
after all the shit that we've been through
I can't feel a thing
Maybe I was too high
Maybe I just sobered up too soon
and you're still on the dark side of the moon
but always on my mind
so why don't I miss you?

So many nights we drove around
king and queen of the whole damn town
voted most likely to succeed
we were everybody's ment to be
burned out plans to take over the world
did I fuck it up? or did we just get bored?
or losing at the same old game
we had our 15 minutes of fame

we took it all the way, you can't say we didn't try....


Why don't I miss the way you laugh at everything I say
Your mom's apple pie always blew me away
it's funny how I always write the same old song
I wonder if you ever sing it along with me

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