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Bowling For Soup - Epiphany Songtext

Stop before you get me started
maybe i'll just go
i'm not exactly broken hearted but I think you already know
that there's more to the story than I'm giving up
maybe I should just grow up

There's a picture of a girl somewhere that fits this empty frame
And there's a song here somewhere with a happier refrain
It came to me, think they call it an Epiphany
Man that's a big word

R: All I ever wanted was a little ectra ordinary
somewhat documented and depicted in this book of memories
That's as empty as a broken glass or gas tank in my car
If you can hear me now,
Come Out, Come out, wherever you are.

I try so hard not to remember, I wih I could forget
Thoughts if you in syndication
Just like the time I met Joan Jett
At a Grammy party on a Saturday night, after you and me had a big fight

There's a picture of a boy somewhere that fits your empty frame
I tried switching the station, but the song remains the same
It came to me, think they call it an epiphany
That line was lame


Are you still at home?
Or did you go to Rome?
I swear I think I saw you on some Italian movie
Showing on the plane. I couldn't read your name
Subtitles don't work on the credits, man that's a shame.
And it's a shame bout, me and you
no one to blame but, you.

mit drei mal If you can hear me now und am schluss nochmal I think they call it Epiphany
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