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Bowling For Soup - Don't Let It Be Love Songtext

I was out on the front line
doing just fine
put it all behind
till came across a letter from an old friend
asking "how you been"
stopped me dead in my tracks
and shot me there to 02
and it was me and you
what am I supposed to say?

I hope I don't fall head over heels
cuz I know how it's gonna feel
and I don't think I can live through you again

so don't let it be love
because it hurts a lot
like it or not
it comes down to love or money
it won't be love
it won't be love
and I know I should know better
man I hate that stuff
don't let it be love

let's thicken the plot line
i'm on the trot line
so reel me in
and bash me over the head
wish I was dead
time heals everything
at least that's what i've read
here we go again


And if I ever hear that song again
it might just kill someone
not literally
but the thought has crossed my mind

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