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About to Make Me Leave Home Lyrics Bonnie Raitt


Bonnie Raitt - About to Make Me Leave Home Songtext

I never thought that a love could be so strong
It could ever make me, think about leaving home
I can't help myself your loving about to drive me mad

One more night like last night, I might have to pack my bags
About to make me leave home boy

Got my mind so getting together with this love, boy Iit just ain't right
I ain't got the strength to turn a good loving loose
But I never met a man in my life who could whoop it to me like you do

About to make me leave home boy

Got a taste of forbidden fruit
And I can't turn it loose
What is this good thing you carry around with you
That makes a girl want to act a fool

Got that love technique that really really cracks me up
Seeing you once or twice a week, boy it just ain't enough.
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