Über Sensless Life

Album: Demon kiss (2004)

Vocals: Eva Poelzing

Beitragende Benutzer

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Demon Kiss Album

Sensless Life Lyrics Blutengel


Blutengel - Sensless Life Songtext

Your heart is full of emotions
You can't get your mind free
All your sins come back to your mind
And you feel oppressed by your life
You can't find no way out
Of this misery inside
And you realized this night
... you can't go back

Your life seems senseless
All your dreams are gone
So you're thinking of giving up
You want to leave this poisoned world
'cause you can't stand this endless pain

You're laying in your bed alone
And you think of what you have done
Tears are running from your eyes
While you hold the knife in your hand
The blade cuts deep in your flesh
Blood runs out of your wounds
And you realized this night
You will never ever come back...
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