Über Dreh Dich Nicht Um

Album: Schwarzes Eis (2009)

Vocals: Chris Pohl

Ulrike Goldmann

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Schwarzes Eis Album

Dreh Dich Nicht Um Lyrics Blutengel


Blutengel - Dreh Dich Nicht Um Songtext

Everyday you ask yourself: "What can I do?"
Everyday you want to break the chains
Everyday you realize that there's no one by your side
Everyday you want to start a war

But You are too weak and you are alone
You don't know what to tell the world...
You know that you are different and they don't accept you
So what can you do to fell better?

Dreh' dich nicht um
Schau nicht zurück
Geh auch noch das letzte Stück
Bis zum Horizont
Niemand hält dich jetzt mehr auf...

You are running through the streets
You are crying in the night
You know you have to do something for a change
You are looking for attention with a gun in your hand...
You put it against your head
So everybody can hear the shotgun blast
Now they are looking at you- That's what you wanted
For a few seconds in your life they care about you
And you die with a smile on your face
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