Über Behind the Mirror

Album: Schwarzes Eis (2009)

Vocals: Chris Pohl


Behind the mirror (Shadow Remix)

Behind the mirror (Symphonic Version)

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Schwarzes Eis Album

Behind the Mirror Lyrics Blutengel


Blutengel - Behind the Mirror Songtext

Who's the man in the mirror?
Who's the man inside of me?
What happened to my life?
Is this what I used to be?

I have strange seductive feelings
I feel hunger for the night
Who's the man in the mirror
Can he help me out of here?

I walk on the water
I never sleep at night
I feel no sorrow for the lost- I feel like an newborn child
I walk on the water
I see colours in the sky
I hear sirens call my name
It's the world behind the mirror
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