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Leisure Album

Fool Lyrics Blur

Album Leisure

Blur - Fool Songtext


Sorry but I don't understand
The things you say
They make no sense at all
Funny,but I think you meant them all
This time,don't you?
I know that you think I'm a fool
But couldn't you try
To forgive a fool
One more time
Sorry but I'm not really listening
I've got my mind on something else
Sometimes I wonder if i'm here
If I'm here at all

I know that you want me to go,don't you?
But it's not as easy as it seems
I know that you think
I'm not here at all but
I'm just as fed up as you
I know that you want to leave me
I'm amazed at how cold you can be
Well,may my weak and insipid soul
Grow stronger in your absence
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