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The Circle Lyrics Blackmore's Night


Blackmore's Night - The Circle Songtext

I've been here for a million years
Through the joy
Through the tears
But when I am gone this will go on
The circle starts again…
I've watched the mountains rise from dust
Saw the gold return to rust
I had cried when the oceans died and the circle stars again

I was here when the wold began tu turn
Kissed the sun as it started to burn
The whispering at the reckoning said “The circle starts again”

The moon was riseing from above
I cought her eye and thought is was lobe
But she turned her back, the sky went black an the circle stars again…

I danced through castles made of stone
Walked the desert sands alone
In the midnight hour you fell the power and the circle stars again

Now the questions falls to you, my fried
No beginning has no end
Will we ever learn will the world still turn the circle stars again?
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