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Blackmore's Night - Cartouche Songtext

If I share this with you
Never speak a word
They would never understand
If they ever heard
Gemini Capricorn
Rising in the east
Dancing through the witchwood
We began to sing

In between dark an light
In the underworld
Wrapped around your finger
Like a string of pearls
Smiling face, empty hand
7 golden rings
Dancing through the starlight
We began to sing
Ahh, ahh, still I hear the whisper Cartouche...

Caramel colored leaves
Spiral in the air
Diving right into the ground
'Round the winding stair
Stories carved out of wood
Jester and the King
Dancing through the moonlight
We began to sing
Ahh ahhh still I hear whisper Cartouche...

Memories, black and white
Hide behing the glass
In the mirrors and the smoke
It's all fading fast
Written word, turn the card
Winter into spring
Dancing through the witchwood
We began to sing
Ahh ahh I can hear the whisper Cartouche...
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