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Peace of Mind Lyrics Black Sabbath

Album 13

Black Sabbath - Peace of Mind Songtext

I wish somebody would empty my head.
I am so sorry for the things that I've said.
The hopeless feeling that's living inside.
I'm just a lonely soul who's trying to find some peace of mind.

I ain't no hero. Who's gonna save you?
I'll just say hi as I'm passing right through.
I ain't that crazy, I'm only here for a ride.
So please forgive me while I'm trying to find some peace of mind.

Read in between the lines.
Truth that is neither black nor white. Black nor white.
Just give me something real.
Broken man, still searching for the light in the night.

Caught in the middle as the front line falls,
It looks like I don't stand a chance.
If only I could turn my life around,
How would I find the circumstance.
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