Það Sést Ekki Sætari Mey (english Translation): There Is No Sweeter Girl Lyrics Björk

Björk - Það Sést Ekki Sætari Mey (english Translation): There Is No Sweeter Girl Songtext

It was quite a delay
When my mother had me
But then she's such a slender sort

The doctor was fetched
And finally her daughter was born
And none had ever seen a sweeter girl

My father spent usually
His time at sea half-drunk
But he could not deny me

At first he was rather shocked
But then he said, relieved
None shall ever see a sweeter girl

Such a sweet girl
Such a sweet girl
There is no sweeter girl

Before I knew it
Every boy would gaze at me
As girls gaze at Forget-Me-Nots

They'd shiver
And say to themselves
She's hard to get -
But very loyal, I think
And there is no sweeter girl

I learned quite early
To speak proper English
And my song was sweet and gay

But while out west
I stumbled into marriage
It was sad for such a nice girl

He was used to
Loving American girls
So I kissed him and said ok

Then I discovered deceit
When he spoke in his sleep
And I found out, he was very Icelandic after all

Just a poor Icelander
Just a poor Icelander
Who wanted an Icelandic girl

Everything has since changed
Now I go dancing every night
And boys call me Forget-Me-Not

And they shiver
They say to themselves
No, you send me currents of love
Such luck!
Since there is no sweeter girl.
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